Complete Solution Finder & Deceptive Bytes Sign a Partnership Agreement to Bring Advanced Endpoint Protection  Platform to Market

Singapore, June 11 – Complete Solution Finder & Deceptive Bytes sign a partnership Agreement to Bring advanced Endpoint Protection Platform to Market.

Deceptive Bytes and Complete Solution Finder join forces to bring Deceptive Bytes’ Active Endpoint Deception-based EP platform, for protecting the organization, to the Singapore region.

Complete Solution Finder will now provide its customers with the Deceptive Bytes’ Active Endpoint Deception platform, enabling full capabilities across the customer’s organization.

About Deceptive Bytes

Deceptive Bytes, a leader in endpoint deception technology, provides its Active EndpointDeception platform to SMBs, SMEs, Enterprises & MSSPs which enables them real-time prevention of unknown and sophisticated threats. Deceptive Bytes’ solution dynamically responds to threats as they evolve, based on the current detected stage of compromise and changes their outcome, giving defenders the upper-hand in protecting their assets and data.

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