PhishLine Partners with Complete Solution Finder to Combat Digital Threats in Asia

PhishLine drives expansion into the Asian market through strategic partnership with Complete Solution Finder. 


Milwaukee, WI, USA December 27, 2016 – To meet the growing demand among Asian companies for systems that prevent phishing and other digital threats, Milwaukee-based PhishLine, a leader in measured security awareness, has partnered with Singapore-based Complete Solution Finder, a leading regional distributor and specialist in information security systems.

The partnership will allow both companies to serve clients in Asia, where increased financial regulation and other compliance requirements have created a growing market for their services. The move also reflects PhishLine’s philosophy to develop strong partnerships that address the demand for data-driven social engineering solutions.

“Complete Solution Finder has over 10 years of experience helping enterprises with their information security initiatives by providing best-of-breed products from leading technology vendors,” said Mark Chapman, PhishLine President & CEO. “Covering most major Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) economies, Complete Solution Finder is fully aligned to service the growing demand for next-generation security awareness solutions in the region.”

Lawrence Woo, Managing Director at Complete Solution Finder, comments: “Complete Solution Finder strives to deliver great customer service with leading technologies. With PhishLine, we can continue this track record with a strong partner committed to client satisfaction.”

About Complete Solution Finder

Complete Solution Finder, founded in 2005, is a leading regional Value Added Distributor (VAD) with partners across ASEAN. Complete Solution Finder is committed to helping enterprises with their information security initiatives by providing both best-of-breed and cost-effective products from leading innovative technology vendors.

Learn more at or contact us directly at: +65 6339 1660

About PhishLine

Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, USA, PhishLine empowers the world’s most complex organizations to provide targeted and relevant security awareness and anti-phishing behavior management training. PhishLine’s unique approach to security training allows security awareness mangers to choose from thousands of security awareness training resources, while aligning the training with live-fire social engineering tests.

The goal is clear: Provide Information Security Professionals with the tools, resources and measurement capabilities needed to overcome the ever-increasing challenge associated with social engineering and phishing threats.  To learn more about why Fortune 100 and Global 2000 companies value PhishLine’s thought leadership in the areas of social engineering, phishing and risk management, visit

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