PhishRod & Complete Solution Finder Webinar on 30th Jun

We will be co-hosting a webinar with PhishRod on Workshop on Automated Phishing Incident and Orchestrated Phishing Response

Join us as we have experts share valuable insights on how to tackle the phishing problem from a people,

process & technology perspective.

Workshop Agenda

  1. How Phishing Emails bypass the Secure Email Gateway
  2. Differentiating Dumb VS Intelligent Reporter Plug-In
  3. Providing user friendly threat intelligence to end users for accurate reporting
  4. 360 Degree Analysis of a Phishing Email using 90+ Threat Intelligence Engines
    • IP Reputation Analysis
    • Domain Reputation Analysis
    • Email Verification
    • Site Verification
    • URL Reputation Analysis
    • Payload / Attachment Analysis
  5. Auto Quarantine & Deletion of suspicious emails
  6. Building Internal Threat Intelligence Database
  7. Automating Cyber Security Awareness & Policy Compliance
  8. Developing your own Incident Response Playbook

Take Away

  1. Certificate of Participation
  2. Phishing Incident Response Playbook

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