Alsid is a fully-packaged and automated solution that monitors in real time the security of any component of Active Directory infrastructures.


What Alsid Brings You:

  • The first non-intrusive agentless solution that does not require any administrative rights presenting no risk of interference
  • Unmatched AD security expertise made available in no time to the entire organization, alleviating the need to train security teams on these complex technology topics
  • Proven integration with existing security solutions such as SIEMs (Splunk, ArcSight, Loglogic, RSA NetWitness, etc.) for log analysis and correlation
  • Easy and fast to implement, get results in hours and without adding workload on SOC or AD Architects
  • Available in multi-tenant format or managed services architecture
  • Actionable and contextualized remediation plans support the fixing of identified problems in order of priority and criticality, starting with “quick wins” that dramatically increase level of security with limited investment
  • Understand the evolution of AD security over time and compare AD security to other infrastructures, within and without the organization
  • Optimize operational security costs by reducing the volume of events sent to the SOC thanks to Alsid unrivaled security correlation engine


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