Code Green Networks TrueDLP ‘s most advanced products solutions are: NetworkDLP; DiscoveryDLP; EndpointDLP & CloudDLP, which, have the capabilities to locate, identify, notify & manage regulated data.

Suitable for sensitive data sent via Internet Network Connection

By enforcing data policies on web transaction & as it integrates with all ICAP proxies, it can monitors, Scans & controls emails, TCP/IP streams, Network traffic, Webmail and HTTP/HTTPS/FTP traffic, SSL-enabled session, based on the level of risk: Block, quarantine, audit, forward, notify, or encrypt. Email encryption integrates with Cisco, Zix & Voltage encryption.

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Locate, Identify, and Secure Sensitive Data Throughout the Network

It consists of 2 components: “Network Discovery” to locate & scan all major databases on SharePoint repositories, SAN, NAS, Databases, Content Management Systems, and Web sites as well as on laptops, workstations, and servers & “Endpoint Discovery” to scan user workstations or servers at remote sites.

Control over sensitive information being copied to removable media or sent over wireless connections

It monitors data transfer with End-user notification and self-remediation options, whenever there is any policy violations, as well as control, which devices are attached to endpoints.

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Scan & remediate all files uploaded to an enterprise’s cloud for confidential or sensitive information

Without constraint, It controls over Data stored in the Cloud by auditing files that have been uploaded & scan all incoming files. It integrated with leading cloud storage providers, such as Box, Citrix Sharefile, and Egnyte.

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