A leader in endpoint deception technology, provides an Active Endpoint Deception platform to enterprises & MSSPs which enables them real-time prevention of unknown and sophisticated threats.

An Active Endpoint Deception platform that dynamically responds to attacks as they evolve and changes their outcome, by creating deceptive information based on the current detected stage of compromise through the entire Endpoint Kill Chain. The preemptive solution covers the evolving nature of advanced threat landscape & sophisticated malware techniques, stopping all threats without relying on signatures, patterns or the need for constant updates

Deceptive Bytes platform benefits:

  • Preemptive & Proactive – Prevents unknown and sophisticated threats. The deception based solution uses common behaviours malware use against it and prevents threats without using signatures, pattern or prior knowledge
  • Very high prevention & detection rates – More than 98% of all malware use evasion techniques, deploying these techniques against malware helps increase prevention & detection rates substantially
  • Real time detection & response – The solution identifies malicious behaviour during execution even if no evasion technique was used. Stopping it as it happens
  • Reliable – High stability – operates in User-mode, triggering high-fidelity alerts and low to non-existing false positive rate


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