Using patented technology called Netskope Cloud XD™, the Netskope Cloud Security Platform eliminates blind spots by going deeper than any other security providers to quickly target and control activities across thousands of cloud (SaaS and IaaS) services and millions of websites. Netskope’s customers benefit from 360-degree data protection that guards data everywhere and advanced threat protection that stops elusive attacks through having full control from 1 single cloud. Netskope has built the intelligence to allow customers to understand risky behaviours and take action to protect sensitive data, to respond and remediate incidences. Cloud XD™ uniquely and comprehensively covers all cloud and web traffic sources, including web browsers, mobile apps, and sync clients.

Granular, Unified Control

Netskope Cloud XD identifies risky activities and the details surrounding them, such as sharing outside of the organization’s sanctioned instance or downloading confidential data to a BYO device. Instead of outright blocking in a single control point, Netskope Cloud XD™ blocks or throttles such activities, thereby enabling organizations to safely leverage on cloud and web services with relevant risks eliminated.

Deep Visibility

Cloud XD eliminates blind spots across all cloud and web transactions. This is achieved by providing deep visibility into cloud services and websites and gain a full understanding of how they are used in organizations, thus strengthening security initiatives such as policy development, threat protection, and incident forensics. With Cloud XD, organizations will be able to see rich information like user, group, location, device, service, destination, activity, and content in real time, across thousands of SaaS and IaaS services, and millions of websites.

Netskope Data Security

Enforce data-centric security policies including encryption with your own keys, contextual access control, and digital rights management

Cloud-Scale TLS Decryption

Netskope safely decrypts TLS-encrypted traffic to see and decode cloud and web use details. Netskope does this securely and at cloud scale, without any impact to the user experience.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Cloud XD performs big data analysis of user, group, location, activity, and content across thousands of cloud services and millions of websites to detect the rich details needed for simplified security policies against non-compliant behavior, data protection, and cloud threats. And rather than go through the tedious process of creating a separate policy for each cloud service and website, take advantage of unified policies from Netskope. Cloud XD normalizes activities like “upload,” so you can seamlessly enforce policies at the category level, such as “Block upload of sensitive content to any cloud storage outside of the company’s corporate instance.”

API Supported Sanctioned Services

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