PhishRod comes with Automated Phishing Defense & Orchestrated Response with 100+ threat intelligence feeds that will allow organisations to instantly analyse suspicious emails, quarantine and ultimately delete them from the end user mailboxes through an orchestrated response.


PhishRod Anti-Phishing Solutions benefits

  • PhishScout, Phishing Incident ResponseAnalyse, Quarantine & Delete suspicious emails in seconds using 90+built threat intelligence feeds
  • Phishing Simulator minimize the threats from phishing attacks by identifying the most vulnerable users. It helps an organization to gauge the readiness of end users against phishing attacks
  • Security Awareness Manager use analytics driven approach to automated your security awareness program. It automates the entire security program for an organization.
  • Policy Compliance Manager enforce corporate policies using seamless workflow for compliance & approval. It helps organizations to assign corporate policies to end-users and keep track of compliance on an integrated & analytics driven dashboard.

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