Polaris Web Presence Protection (WPP) platform handles a wide range of functions previously addressed by a combination of different solutions. The WPP platform automates web application traffic analysis and monitoring with its proprietary AI engine to improve threat detection accuracy and reduce false positives.


Polaris Web Presence Protection (WPP) platform benefits

  • Cutting Edge Technology, WPP is powered by our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning engine¬† to ensure attacks are stopped before they affect your business. With the help of advance intelligence, WPP lets you focus on revenue generating activities in your business.
  • Ease of Use platform, WPP comes preconfigured with default protection rules, which means that once your site is successfully enrolled on WPP, it will be defended by Polaris immediately. If additional rules are required, it can be implemented via the WPP dashboard.
  • Easy to Deploy, deploying Polaris WPP is simple and only takes a few minutes. After a simple change to the domain’s name-servers or CNAME, WPP will begin protecting your website, offering you an overview of your website’s status on the dashboard as well as on the WPP mobile application.


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