Tenable.ad enables you to see everything, predict what matters, and act to address risk in Active Directory to disrupt attack paths before attackers exploit them


What Tenable.ad Brings You:

Tenable.ad enables you to find & fix weaknesses in Active Directory before attackers exploit them and detect & respond to attacks in real time. The main capabilities of Tenable.ad are

  • Uncover any hidden weaknesses within your Active Directory configurations
  • Discover the underlying issues threatening your AD security
  • Dissect each misconfiguration – in simple terms
  • Get recommended fixes for each issue
  • Create custom dashboards to manage your AD security to drive risk reduction
  • Discover dangerous trust relationships
  • Catch every change in your AD
  • Uncover major attacks per domain in your AD
  • Visualize every threat from an accurate attack timeline
  • Consolidate attack distribution in a single view
  • Make the link between AD changes and malicious actions
  • Analyze in-depth details of an AD attack
  • Explore MITRE ATT&CK ® descriptions directly from detected incidents



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