Broad spectrum of remarkable Voltage Security’s Products & Solutions are:-Voltage SecureMail; Voltage SecureData Enterprise; Voltage Secure File

Voltage SecureMail ~ Mobile edition, Application edition, Cloud, Add-ons

Voltage SecureMail is a simple & best solution for email encryption to prevent email & attachments security breaches, wherever it resides. It can be deployed on-premise, or delivered as SaaS from the Voltage SecureMail Cloud™. Optional add-ons include, RESTful API’s for powerful enterprise integration into applications and websites that rely on email based processes.

Voltage SecureData Enterprise ~ Format-Preserving Encryption, Stateless Tokenization, Key Management, Data masking

It’s simple & best solution for enterprise data protection across variety of database & applications. It ensures that sensitive customer, employee and corporate data is secured at all times.

Voltage Secure File ~ Seamlessly Encryption and Decryption of files

Voltage Secure File is a simple encryption & decryption of sensitive files & Documents without disrupting the work flow and business processes, inside and outside the Cloud, wherever it resides, to prevent data loss and theft.oints.

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