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Complete Solution Finder is a leading regional Value-Added Distributor (VAD) and specialist in Information Security solutions.

Founded in 2005, we are committed to help enterprises with their Information Security initiatives by providing both ‘Best-of-Breed’ and cost-effective products from leading innovative technology vendors. Complete Solution Finder has proven expertise with over 30 years’ experience in Information Security to provide the best value and delivery of the most effective solution to our Clients and Partners.

Complete Solution Finder has been awarded as the Top Cyber Security Companies by APAC CIO outlook. The annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Cyber Security solutions and impacting the APAC industry.


  • Accellion: Enterprise-class content fire wall
  • Deceptive Bytes: A leader in endpoint deception technology, provides an Active Endpoint Deception platform to enterprises & MSSP which enables them real-time prevention of unknown and sophisticated threats
  • Digital Guardian: Next generation data protection platform that offers protection from purposeful data theft through superior visibility and best-in-class reporting
  • Phishrod: Automated Phishing Defense & Orchestrated Response with 100+ threat intelligence feeds to analyze suspicious emails, quarantine and delete from end user mailboxes through an orchestrated response
  • PowerDMARC: One-Stop Email Authentication SaaS Platform to combat Business Email Compromise (BEC), prevent email spoofing and improve email deliverability, and MSP/MSSP ready
  • Polaris: Next-generation Web Presence Protection (WPP) that monitors and analyses website traffic with increased threat detection accuracy
  • Proofpoint: Outstanding Enterprise-class email security solution available on both SaaS and on-premise platform
  • Semperis: Comprehensive platform that continuously monitors Active Directory for indicators of exposure, detects advanced attacks, and enables rapid response
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