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Complete Solution Finder is a leading regional Value-Added Distributor (VAD) and specialist in Information Security solutions.

Founded in 2005, we are committed to help enterprises with their Information Security initiatives by providing both ‘Best-of-Breed’ and cost-effective products from leading innovative technology vendors. Complete Solution Finder has proven expertise with over 30 years’ experience in Information Security to provide the best value and delivery of the most effective solution to our Clients and Partners.


  • Accellion: Enterprise- class managed secure file transfer
  • Alsid: Real-time Protection for Directory Infrastructures
  • Proofpoint: Outstanding Enterprise-class email security solution available on both SaaS and on-premise platform
  • Digital Guardian: Next generation data protection platform that offers protection from purposeful data theft through superior visibility and best-in-class reporting
  • Micro Focus: Superior End-to-End Stateless Key Management Email Encryption solution
  • Netskope: Leader in Cloud Security that offers 360-degree data and threat protection through patented Cloud XD™ technology that targets and controls activities across any cloud service or website.
  • Phishline: A leading Social Engineering assessment tool providing targeted Security Awareness testing and training
  • Titus: Information classification and data loss prevention
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